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Daniela La Luz
Dimension Of Being Human

Bi-monthly on Radio 80000 -

A fine selection of upcoming global upcoming music, invited guests, talks, guest mixes.

Please download your favorite mix, it is better for the environment!

For more information, please scroll down.

Why is it better to download the mix?

Streaming causes a lot of carbon dioxide emissions.

The streaming of music, series, movies, etc. requires much lots of energy.

The servers of your provider, located at the other side of the planet, are running hot, caused by increased user numbers.

These servers must be cooled down and this again means:

Even more electricity/energy gets wasted.


Bi-monthly straight from Munich and Berlin, showcasing mainly upcoming electronic music diversity from Dub to House to Acid to Ambient, Elektro, Techno, Experimental and back and sometimes: non-electronic.

Back in the days Radio was for us a super important, daily, formative medium, regarding information exchange, as well as music. In terms of digitalization and the overflow of music in general, I felt the approach to host an own radio show.

For a few years I was doing the "Parallel Radio Show" from Berlin and after 36 shows it was time for a new chapter: "Dimension Of Human" 

The aim is to introduce upcoming electronic releases/tracks and connect different musical shades, sometimes with a guest who shares a story or feature a friend or newcomter doing a mix. Education and inspiration for interaction with yourself or people around you. A kind of spiritual inspiration.

Send music for the show

danieladaslicht (AT) googlemail (DOT) com

When I feel it, I will play it.

All shows will be uploaded to


My heart beats for respect, dialogue and love, against discrimination, racism, homophobia, sexism, ableism, misogyny, transphobia, body shaming, blaming the poor and speciesism.

Supporting NGO´s

With worries I am watching global warming increasing with no turnaround, that’s why I support the following NGO`s and initiatives. Please take a few minutes to check them out and donate or spread the word, as they do some the most important work for our planet.

Did you knew that the most killed activists are environmental activists?

That´s why they and the organizations need our support.


ConciousPlanet.orgNABUHeinz Sielmann Stiftung

Greenpeace | Extinction Rebellion #SaveSoil | #scientistsforfuture | #musiciansforfuture and more.

Fundraiser For Ukraine
on Radio 80000 (Munich, DE)

> More info and list of organisations for donating

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