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MY HOUSE (Is Your House) 

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Daniela La Luz is back, releasing on her own label 'Dimension Of Being Human'.
'My House (Is Your House)' is the anthem heralding her triumphant return to the soundsystems & dancefloors.
Once again she proves her prowess as a masterful musician, producer and vocalist, blending the soulful essence of
Chicago House with contemporary beats.
Pulsating with infectious energy and Rhode sounds, 'My House (Is Your House)' serves as a tantalizing preview of
what's to come in her full-length album dropping on March 1st, 2024!

You can interpret 'The House' as a music style, as your safe space/shelter, or the earth, the house of all of us.
The message is to share our beautiful globe in friendliness and sustainability.

'My House (Is Your House)' will be pressed onto the vinyl album.


(Supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH w/ project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and

Artist: Daniela La Luz
Title: My House (Is Your House)
Release Date: Thursday 21st December 2023
Platforms: Spotify, Bandcamp, TikTok, Amazon, Beatport, Apple Music, Hardwax, Tidal, ...
Label: Dimension Of Being Human
Catalogue: #DOBH003
Composing, Production, Vocals & Lyrics: Daniela La Luz
Mastering: Mike, Manmade Mastering, Berlin
Mixing: Tobi Neumann & J. Manuel @ Apollo Studio Berlin
Graphic Design: Daniela Bundschus, Laura Hirch


Download Release Sheet


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