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Daniela La Luz & Natyra 

Electronics & Vocals: Daniela La Luz

Pianoforte: Natyra Elezi

Experimental Improvisation

Jazz / Classic / Techno

Meditation / Ambient


Electronics & Vocals: Daniela La Luz 

Fortepiano: Natyra Elezi

​Currently based in Munich, Germany.

Two musicians hailing from far diverse backgrounds, concerning their musical education as well as their color of hair.

Daniela is polish born, german raised and Natyra coming from Pristina (Kosovo), wo finished her piano studies in Munich, Germany. Equipped with so much talent and knowledge, together they form a masterclass.

Im April 2023 they played their international debut at DAM Festival and gave masterclasses to students class at the Music University of Prishtina. 

DANIELA looks back on an impressive international electronic music career as composer, producer and live act in Berlin. In 2010 Daniela won the "QWARTZ 6 Electronic Music Award" in the category "Dancefloor & Clubbing" in Paris (FR), alongside renowned artists like Alejandro Jodorovsky, Laurie Anderson, Gudrun Gut, the ancestors of Pierre Schaeffer and more. Her track "Did You Ever" has over 1.5 million plays on Spotify.

Daniela sings and speaks in german, english and polish.

NATYRA is a pianist, who finished her Master studies in classical music in Munich and opens up to explore other dimensions. She will start her second Master in Sounds Art at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater - München.

Merging free improvisation and real-time composing as main ingredients, the duo powerful combines the fusions of experimental electronic music to jazz, classic, minimalistic, meditative and a folklore influences.

In Jan 2021 they released their debut piece "They Journey Within" on the

VA Compilation "Coping Mechanisms (Electronic Meditation)", on the Label "Dimension Of Being Human".

The compilation consists of well respected international artists as #vril  and received many positive reviews from radio stations, producers, DJs and other musicians around the globe.



As two queer women from different cultural backgrounds, their goal is to create a safe space of awareness towards the “The Now & The Us”. With their style of using music as powerful tool as invitation for transformation, Daniela and Natyra want to break social barriers and inspire for understanding, as well as interspeciel dialogues. Breaking the rules, to be able to return. Eventough they want to unlimit music ranging between abstracness and harmony, they are able only to the use of the limited spectrum frequencies of the human ear, in the name of physics and nature science.









Daniela La Luz & Natyra “The Journey Within“

2021 VA Compilation “COPING MECHANISMS (Electronic Meditation)”

Pathaan - BBC

Worldwidei DJ /

"Fascinating project!"


Robdabank (London / Radio1)

"as a meditation teacher this is much needed and beautiful...thanks!"


Harry Avers / Noice!

"close to perfection here. well done!"

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