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(Electronic Mediation) 

113 Minutes _ 12 Tracks

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Autonomous Max 
Daniela La Luz 

Frieder Blume



Lara Holy

Natyra Elezi



United States Of Ameisia



This outstanding year 2020 forced all of us to slide into new spheres, experience changes and new dimensions of our existence. Daniela La Luz took the chance to write more music aside the dancefloor and got deeper into meditation. On the picture you see the river "Isar" in Munich, which springs in the Alps and because of it´s strong flow, it´s a place of power.

As result of this, she gathered international talented and befriended electronic producers and pianist Natyra Elezi to bring this VA Compilation to life, which´s musical purpose is to function as "COPING MECHANISMS", to calm our restless minds. Even if you don´t chase meditation on purpose, this compilation will open up a space to do so.

Festivals, clubs and events are down, which is sad and dramatic for many of us and still life goes on and the term ‚success‘ has reached another definition. Music is still essential for most of us and even if it doesn´t feel like it, we´re still moving forward.

"COPING MECHANISMS (Electronic Meditation)" is music for the evolutionary development, which is taking place inside of you. The purpose of this compilations music is to ease the mood and open up a portal through which you can go on a journey, encourage and strengthen yourself and stimulate yourself to turn inwards.
Transform yourself and enjoy the DIMENSION OF BEING HUMAN!

From 2008-2018 Berlin based Daniela La Luz was co-founder and co-running "Parallel Berlin", not only as international touring live act, but also as producer, promoter, A&R and label head. In 2020 she founded her own project "DIMENSION OF BEING HUMAN" which is an a music and art project, exploring and featuring the global diversity of electronic and non-electronic music, ranging from all human feelings, to science and mysticism, connecting all countries of our beautiful planet.

DOBH will feature more releases, podcasts, art, mixes and events, during and after Corona.

Artists: Vril, Paramida, Daniela La Luz, Irakli, HRZL, Olima, United States Of Ameisia, Frieder Blume, Autonomous Max, Natyra Elezi, Lara Holy

Catalogue: VA_DOBH01

Total Length: 113 Minutes

Label: Dimension Of Being Human

Mastering: Aleksandar Grozdanovski (
Design: Daniela Bundschus
Vocals: Daniela La Luz, Lara Holy

Piano: Natyra Elezi




01. Olima - Overcrowded Streets Submerged In Silence 

02. Daniela La Luz & United States Of Ameisia
      Your Personal Meditation

03. Lara Holy - Sui Generis

04. Daniela La Luz - Easy Coping

05. Daniela La Luz & Natyra Elezi - The Journey Within

06. Paramida - Track 4 Daniela

07. Autonomous Max - Mountain Bell

08. B. E. F. - Static Detune

09. Irakli - Gradual No 

10. HRZL - Stellar

11. United States Of Ameisia - Nogami

12. Vril - Astral Nights 



Release Sheet


COVER compilation 2 SUPERMASTER rahmen-0

Reviews & Feedback


Mamiko Motto (NTS / WARP/ ALL CITY)

"thanks looking forward to listen properly"

Robdabank (London / Radio1)

"as a meditation teacher this is much needed and beautiful...thanks!"

Pathaan - BBC

WorldwideiDJ /

"Fascinating project!"

Harry Avers


"close to perfection here. well done."

Richie Hawtin Berlin

"downloaded for r hawtin"


Marco Carola

"downloading for Marco Carola, thanks"

Maceo Plex (Maetrik, Spain)

"Downloaded for Maceo Plex/Mariel Ito, thanks for the music!"


Octavia - London

"love the meditative concept and the dedication towards it during the pandemic"


Neil Barnes

Leftfield Dj sets -

"i adore this...very theraputic..."

Klaus Fiehe (1 LIVE Radio + Byte.FM Radio)

"A true pleasure to listen to... some real overwhelming works especially during the first half ... Airplay!"


Ingo Sänger (Farside Recs, Westpark Unit)

"Amazing ambient compilation... Music for these times. Beautiful!"

Massimiliano Pagliara (live at robert johnson/ balihu)

"nice tunes!"

Tijana T  (Rinse FM, Belgrade)



Michael Tello (PillowTalk Music)

"Incredibly beautiful, full support."

FYI Chris (Rye Wax)

"I left this playing and forgot, came back stairs and thought we were about to be abducted.

5/5 *****"

Normski ( /

"Timely release in these uncertain times. Thank you for the positive sonic vibrations ;-)"


dop (paris)

"lot of great atmosphere here"

MEAT (Robert Johnson, Frankfurt)

"I love all tunes"

Tomi Chair (Tokyo, Japan)

"beautiful sounds!!"


Trieste Noods [Bristol]

Melodic Distraction [Liverpool] / Birmingham / LondonBlog:

"No bad word to say, beautiful from start to finish. A soundtrack for introspection, isolation and hope of a better future."

S Worthy (London, UKRA / Mixmag / Mojo)

"Deep, lovely and very much on point for right now."

Sandrino (Innervisions / Berlin /

"sensational feelings, thanks for the music."


Angel Molina (30D / Barcelona)

"Excellent ambient, meditative compilation. Very into Daniela, B.E.F., Irakli, HRZL and United States Of Ameisia's tracks, but the whole work is fantastic, really well curated. All my support to it, thanks!"


Solenoid (Tresor, Graphene, Belief System) Tresor, Studio 80, Crucifix Lane, UK)

"great deep spaces and atmospheric vibes"


Jose Antonio Sepulveda Lastreto (Santiago De Chile)



Corin Arnold


"superb release, full support - what a great album ! thank you so much, will feature on cashmere radio!" 



(Christopher Çolak / Istanbul Acik Radyo 94.9 FM Istanbul Halfstereo)

"Good collection. Support!"


Ison (Actor One | Anastasios Diolatzis Thessaloniki, Greece,

"Beautiful selection here!"


Luis Bonias (Bias Medusa Sun Beach Festival, Spain)

"cool downtempo music"


Shcuro / José Acid - Sombra / Paraíso /

"so good!"


Jaye Ward

(PLU Bristol / PATSY DSS London MAGICAL REAL every sunday

"this is ace! love ambient like this! brooding and strange"


Ranj Kaler (Stringfellows, London. Pointblank FM)

"Not for everyone but I love it"


Johannes Albert (Berlin / Frank Music)



Dubble D / Moodymanc

"Some fabulous sounds and textures here...on the d/l to check properly, thanks!"


Alan Cormode (Kinrade -

"WOW! a wonder body of work ... Amazing!"


Noah Pred (Spielhaus / IFS / Berlin)

"Lovely bits here - looking forward to a deeper listen."


Severino Panzetta

(Horse Meat Disco, Lux Lisbon, Dalston Superstore, Barcode, Vandam NYC, Skylight Italy)

"Yeah great vibe"


Thristian (bPm Boiler Room / NTS Radio Worldwide FM,,

"really nice sounds and energies"


Karl Phillips ( -

"Right up my street.... reckon it'll get aired on both of my shows."


Capeface (Soho Radio)

"Really nice album this, first one for me"

Licaxxx, Tokyo

"great drone"

Leri Ahel

(Mutant Disco Radio Show, Gradski radio Trogir, Gradski Radio Osijek, Radio Labin, Space Radio, Radio Maestral, Mix people FM,

"Great compilation. Will support."


Tuomas (Phonogenic, Salmela, Misc, Finland)



Elena Colombi (London -

"love this. thanks!"


Hybrid Theory Rainbow, Birmingham -


Sean-Michael Yoder California (Ibiza Voice)

"Very nice compilation!" 


Normski ( / )

"Essential sonic vibrations"

Demi (SOS, London -

"lovely listen"


Nathalie (Berlin)

"Great release! Thanks!"


Delahay (Bristol - )



Roni Fialkow (Tel Aviv Pop Lock)

"Pretty special!"


Paddy O'Halpin (RTÉ, Ireland)

"Love it, will play. Thanks"

Joris Voorn (Amsterdam,

Downloaded, thanx."


Hrdvsion (Berlin - )

"Nice one!"


Jack12 (London, Friendly Fires)

"very good- thank you!"

Robbie Akbal (Crosstown Rebels, Get Physical, Berlin -

"lovely stuff“


Craig Smith (6th Borough Project/ Fifty FAthoms Deep / Cyberjamz Radio)

"Lovely stuff, love the textures and tones"

Rachael Williams (London, Rye Wax)

"LOVE this B.E.F track, so meditative and slightly sinister at the same time"


Como Las Grecas (Spain,

"Special sequences. I like the feelings“



"lovely stuff"

Alex Handley (Auto Sound City, Weapons of Desire, Northern Powerhouse)





Nick Warren (Bristol and other less important spots -

"Lovely music for winter times"


Mario Cotto (Kaleidoscopic Dada Dance Party KCRW)

"truly lovely expansive work... soothing. loved mountain bell..."

m50 (WNUR - )

"quite a wide ranging compilation"


Alex Ruder (KEXP 90.3fm / Seattle,

"cool dreamy soundscapes here"

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