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Born and raised in Munich, 6th floor, left door

Single polish mother, 1 younger sister, father german †

Based in Berlin, currently in Munich.
Daniela is a multidisciplinary artist, live-act, musician, producer, composer and singer.

After six years of playing in bands as lead singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Daniela returned in 2008 to electronic music.


With an incredible rich background of different styles of music, Daniela has created a personal style that defines her sound.

Daniela´s sets and productions expand the boundaries of understanding house and techno music to new horizons. By processing a colorful range of various kinds of (electronic) music genres, Daniela is proving her uncompromising diversity on the dancefloor.

In 2010 Daniela won an "QWARTZ 6 Electronic Music Award" in the cathegory "Dancefloor & Clubbing" in Paris (FR), among well respected artists like Alejandro Jodorovsky, Laurie Anderson, Gudrun Gut, the ancestors of Pierre Schaeffer and more. Without her knowing, Danielas piece EllE Routine (released on the VA Compilation Musik Non Stop Uno from the label Syncopated Musik / Minneapolis, US) was sent to the jury, blindly selecting out of 4332 music pieces.


GROOVE Magazin said about Daniela in 2021:

"Punk, indie, techno, singing, producing, DJ: Daniela La Luz can do many things" and called her "one of Berlins most exciting live acts".

Daniela La Luz´s Chicago House piece about queer love, "Did You Ever" was featured 2017 as closing track on Moodymanns DJ mix for "DJ KICKS" on K7! and by now has over 1,5 million plays on Spotify. 

From the 1st release, Daniela´s productions made it into the record bags of high profile DJ´s such as Sven Väth, Laurent Garnier, Ken Ishii, Solomun, tINI, Marcel Dettmann and many others. In 2015 "Feel The Future" was released in the mix on tINI´s DJ mix CD with Dana Ruh for Cocoon Ibiza and Daniela has played several times on the "tINI & THE GANG" events on the beautiful island of Ibiza (ES). "Feel The Future" got released short after on Danielas now ex-label "Parallel Berlin".

Next to clear electronic dance music live shows, Daniela loves to collaborate with classic trained musicians. She has performed a concert with the String Quartett from the "Berlin Opera" in Szczecin (PL), as well as a with jazz trumpet player Sebastian Soldrzynski for the EU.

Her current collaboration project with Pianoforte player Natyra Elezi:

> All music Projects >

When playing club music live, Danielas sound ranges from Chicago House Music to Acid, Dub and Techno, Trance, Rave, Ambient - eclectic, yet always infected with the style of Detroit Techno and Chicago House.

From 2008 - 2018 Daniela was co-running "Parallel Berlin" as A&R, promoter of dozens of international club nights, as well as on a regular base in Berlins clubs such as Tresor, Griessmühle (RSO), About Blank, Kater and more.

From 2012 - 2018 Daniela had a monthly event residency at Griessmühle (RSO), Berlin, finding and booking the scenes international upcoming talents of tomorrow.


Beside writing, releasing and performing her musical career as Daniela La luz, she was also working in the fields of multidisciplinary design, A&R, record label work, booking, as well as artist management, concepts and marketing.


Jump to > 2018:

Daniela fell into a history of illness, which lastet four years. This part is under construction.
The situation forced Daniela to take time off for healing during the pandemic and
 played only these gigs:

ARTE United We Stream 5/2020 and HÖR Berlin.

After restoring health, Daniela signed in march 2022 for her next upcoming record on CHIWAX "Global Transformation", soon to be in presale.

In may 2022 Daniela kicks off with her "Dimension Of Being Human" Radio Show on (Munich, Germany).


Danielas 3rd Album is scheduled for autumn 2023-
As you can expect from a passionate musician like Daniela, there´s much more to come!


Past Gigs @


ARTE United We Stream (Berlin, DE) / Fuse (Brussels, BE) / Watergate (Berlin, DE) / Tresorn(Berlin, DE) / Griessmühle (RSO / Berlin, DE) / Efest (Tunis) / Kompass (Ghent, BE) / Ushuaia (Ibiza) / tINI & The Gang / Club der Visionäre (Berlin, DE) / About Blank (Berlin, DE) / IPSE (Berlin, DE) / Kiste Baden (Switzerland) / Renate (Berlin, DE) / Grelle Forelle (Vienna, AT) / Villa Stuck (Munich, DE) / Kater Blau (Berlin, DE) / Golden Gate (Berlin, DE) / Visio Festival (Helsinki, FL) / Hoppetosse (Berlin, DE) / Plötzlich Am Meer Festival / Loftus Hall (Berlin, DE) / Chalet / OHM (Berlin, DE) / Her Damit Festival / Aura Karma Alles Festival / MODULAR Festival (Tegucigalpa, Honduras) / Topaz (Monterrey, Mexico) / Paris, London, Malmö, Oslo, Copenhagen, Ibiza, Aarhus, Torino, Milano, Prague, Taipei, Tunis, Minsk, Dubai, Taiwan, Szczecin, Lublin, Zielona Góra, Gent, Brussels, ...



_  3rd Album > coming 2023

_ "Counting Days" [Housewax] 2016

_ "Based On Electricity" [Rawax] 2013

_ "Spaceweather" [Riot Riot Technique] 2009



_ "Global Transformation" [Chiwax]  > FEB 2023

_ "Did You Ever - The Remixes" w/ Cinthie, Dana Ruh, Virgo 4 [Housewax] 2019

_ "Come Into My Land" [Chiwax] 2017

_ "Foreverness" [Parallel Berlin] 2016

_ "Volcarized" - Daniela La Luz & Hakim Murphy [Rawax] 2016

_ "Did You Ever" - Album Pre-Release [Housewax] 2015

_ "Pistol Star" Album Pre-Release [Rawax] 2013

_ "Simply Everywhere" [White Rabbit Rec] 2012

_ "People Happy (The Essential Voyage)" [Moody Heights, Other Heights] 2011

_ "Spaceweather Part II" [Riot Riot Technique] 2011

_ "Spaceweather Part I" [Riot Riot Technique] 2011

_ "Panorama" Fischer & La Luz [Riot Riot Technique] 2011

_ "Elle Routine, The Remixes" [Syncopated Musik] 2011

_ "First Contact" [Difusion Records] 2008

VA Compilations

_ "The Journey Within" Daniela La Luz & Natyra Elezi [Dimension Of Being Human] 2020

_ "Easy Coping" Daniela La Luz & United States Of Ameisia [Dimension Of Being Human] 2020

_ "Your Personal Meditation" [Dimension Of Being Human] 2020

_ "Warszawa" [Love On The Rocks] 2020

_ "When You Go All In And Wait" [Uncanny Valley] 2019

_ "Viva La Vida (Pata De Cabra)" [Sound Warrior Recordings] 2017

_ "Did You Ever" DJ KICKS mixed by Moodymann for DJ Kicks [K7!] 2016

_ "Did You Ever" - Various - Future Disco Presents: Poolside Sounds [Needwant Rec] 2016

_ "Feel The Future" for Cocoon Ibiza: In The Mix (mixed by tINI) [Cocoon Recordings] 2016

_ "Miłkuś" [Sound Warrior Recordings] 2015

_ "The Chosen One" [Coincidence Rec] 2014

_ "Sliding High, Not Shy" [White Rabbit Rec] 2013

_ "Le Dap"Daniela La Luz & Hagi [Riot Riot Technique] 2012

_ "Galactic Federation" [Greenfields] 2011

_ "EllE Routine" [TRAD.D] 2010 (QWARTZ Electronic Music Awards 6, Paris (FR)

_ "EllE Routine" [Syncopated Musik] 2008



_ HOUNAH - Reflections (Daniela La Luz Electric Hearts Remix) [Feines Tier, Kompakt] 2022

_ Age Of Love (Daniela La Luz Remix) 2019 unreleased

_ Dot - Postmenschseinism (Daniela La Luz Remix) 2020

_ Trinity & Tang - Adrifting Voyage (Daniela La Luz Rework) [Coincidence Rec] 2016

_ Trinity - Orchard (Daniela La Luz Rework) [Coincidence Rec] 2016

_ Kenny Leaven - Dark Side (Daniela La Luz Remix) [Souvenir] 2016

_ Volta Cab - My Own Sky (Daniela La Luz Remix) [Frole Records] 2014

_ Coma - Choices (Daniela La Luz Remix) [Firm] 2009

_ Petar Petkovski - What Minimal (Daniela La Luz Remix) 2009

_ Daniela La Luz - Elle Routine (Danielas Tease The Light Reedit) 2008


Release Videos


Coping Mechanisms "Electronic Mediation"

Feel The Future by Daniela La Luz

Lazy Eyes by Daniela La Luz

House Me Or I House You by Daniela La Luz

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