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Daniela La Luz & Natyra Elezi

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Since 2019 I am also not involved with Parallel Berlin anymore. I am grateful for all the experiences over the years and all the wonderful people I got to know and worked with. I learned so much and worked many jobs at the same time:
being an international touring artist, producing and releasing records, planning and booking events (Planet Parallel), graphic design, A&R for the agency and the labels, communication, pushing and promoting other DJ´s and artists and social media promotion.

It was time for me to close this project and start something new. In december 2020 I founded my 
music and art project DIMENSION OF BEING HUMAN.

Since 2020 I am looking forward to focus on myself mainly as artist again, free to experiment on and aside the dancefloor, with electronic and non-electronic music and push the various projects I´ve started, live and in the studio.


Various Artists

Length: 113 Min.
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COPING MECHANISMS (Electronic Meditation)



















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(Electronic Meditation)

(Total Length: 113 Minutes)

This outstanding year forced all of us to slide into new spheres, experience changes and new dimensions of our existence. Daniela La Luz took the chance to write more music aside the dancefloor and got deeper into meditation.

As result of this, she gathered international talented and befriended electronic producers and pianist Natyra Elezi to bring this VA Compilation to life, which´s musical purpose is to function as COPING MECHANISMS, to calm our restless minds. Even if you don´t chase meditation on purpose, this compilation will open up a space to do so.

Festivals, clubs and events are down, which is sad and dramatic for many of us and still life goes on and the term ‚success‘ has reached another definition. Music is still essential for most of us and even if it doesn´t feel like it, we´re still moving forward.

´COPING MECHANISMS (Electronic Meditation)´ is music for the evolutionary development, which is taking place inside of you. The purpose of this compilations music is to ease the mood and open up a portal through which you can go on a journey, encourage and strengthen yourself and stimulate yourself to turn inwards.
Transform yourself and enjoy the DIMENSION OF BEING HUMAN!

From 2008-2018 Berlin based Daniela La Luz was part of „Parallel Berlin“, not only as international touring live act, but also as producer, promoter, A&R and label head. In 2020 she founded her own project „DIMENSION OF BEING HUMAN“, which is an a music and art project, exploring and featuring the global diversity of electronic and non-electronic music, ranging from all human feelings, to science and mysticism, connecting all countries of our beautiful planet.
DOBH will feature more releases, podcasts, art, mixes and events, during and after Corona.

You´re welcome to follow us on social media and visit our website:



01. Olima - Overcrowded Streets Submerged In Silence  /10:22

02. Daniela La Luz and United States Of Ameisia - Your Personal Meditation / 12:10

03. Lara Holy - Sui Generis / 04:37

04. Daniela La Luz - Easy Coping / 04:34

05. Daniela La Luz & Natyra Elezi - The Journey Within / 10:16

06. Paramida - Track 4 Daniela / 04:04

07. Autonomous Max - Mountain Bell / 14:58

08. B. E. F. - Static Detune  / 20:29

09. Irakli - Gradual No / 04:34

10. HRZL - Stellar / 04:50

11. United States Of Ameisia - Nogami / 06:00

12. Vril - Astral Nights / 05:35

Label: Dimension Of Being Human
Catalogue: VA_DOBH01

Mastering: Aleksandar Grozdanovski (agrozdanovski@gmail.com)
Graphic Design: Daniela Bundschus

Piano: Natyra Elezi
Vocals: Daniela La Luz, Lara Holy

United We Stream, LIVE at ARTE Concerts.

During Berlin lockdown, 8th of april 2020. Start at minute 25:00h.

Daniela La Luz & Natyra Elezi rehearsal. Classic meets electronic.

Uncanny Valley Various Artists. Vinyl + Digital.

Daniela La Luz & Natyra Elezi rehearsal. Classic meets electronic.

First Podcast for Dimension Of Being Human​. Enjoy!

Daniela La Luz & United States Of Ameisia

When You Gave Me

Danestian (Daniela La Luz & Sebastian Soldrzynski)

Electronic Music meets Jazz Trumpet.


Documentary Movie by Laura Hirch

80 Minutes, Germany. English subtitles.

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